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Fargo, ND 58103

M-Th: 5p-8a, F: 12p-M: 8a

Meet each of our canine blood donors and learn a little about them! We also keep tally of how much blood they have donated over their time as a donor with RRAEC. 

Name: Hank

​Nicknames: Stank, Hank the tank, Hanky

​Lives Saved: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, sleeping with his cat, playing with tennis balls and squeeky toys. 

Favorite Foods: Anything that smells good.  

Fun Fact: He was trained for search and rescue! 

Name: Rolex

Nicknames: Pup

​​Lives Saved: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Trail riding, play with his puppy

Favorite Foods: Pizza bones

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate an entire pizza off the counter!

Name: Jimmy

Nicknames: Jim or Jimbob

Lives Saved: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Chasing rabbits, playing fetch, visiting grandpa, wrestling with his canine brother Gus, and getting baths from his feline sister Cynder. 

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything   

Name: Chocolate Chip

Lives Saved: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, fetch, fetch, pool time, fetch, wrestling with his canine sister Caramel Roll, fetch, being near his people, fetch, barking, more fetch, and pool time.

Favorite Foods: All foods are a go, except lettuce and spinach.    

Name: Gauge

Nicknames: Gaugie or Gaugers

​​Lives Saved: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, laying in the pool, playing in water, wrestling with his canine brother, hunting, playing with toys. 

Favorite Foods: He will eat almost anything!  

Canine Hero Board

Name: Mercedes

​​Lives Saved: ​4

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, running with her mom, agility, sharing her home with foster doggies.

Favorite Foods: Sugar snap peas, popcorn. 

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: I've stolen a ham, a cheeseburger, and a sub sandwich from my mom's friends. 

Name: Bloo

Nicknames: B, Bebo, Blooregard Q., Kazoo, Tiny One

​​Lives Saved: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong ball (the only thing i cant chew apart) and going to Grandma and Grandpa's on Little Pelican Lake.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Tore apart a garbage can and threw a garbage party in the living room!