Upon arriving at the clinic, Chichi’s symptoms included shaking, crying, and incoordination.... read more

Fable was an adorable yellow Labrador retriever who came to see us as a puppy. She had been vomiting and having diarrhea for a day... read more

Winston was being treated for suspected rat poison ingestion. When Winston arrived at the clinic, his breathing had increased and he was becoming increasingly lethargic. ... read more




Zappa was seen at RRAEC in 2014 because she was lethargic and having trouble breathing....read more

Prince first came to RRAEC in November 2017 for inflammation of the liver, pancreas, and small intestine which is also known as triaditis. Prince was not eating and losing weight rapidly. ...read more



Finley is a 9 month old German Shorthair puppy who was brought in one weekend in December 2017 for vomiting and a painful abdomen. We took x-rays and found gas and fluid in the stomach and intestines. ... read more

Success Stories


Ranger came to see us late in the evening because he was vomiting throughout the day and previous night... read more


Remington was seen at RRAEC in early 2016 because he was limping and had some swelling in one of his legs....read more


Nala had collapsed at home after some intense exercise outside on a warm day....read more

Putz's owners were concerned because he was not eating and vomiting.... read more



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